We build relationships, not just contracts.

DDA represents an established global network of medicinal chemistry partners that can assist companies in ensuring a successful drug discovery program. In working with our clients, we identify the key goals of each project (i.e. costs, timeline lines, IP sensitivity, etc.) and then align our supplier with the best fit for that project.

Our partners can evaluate biologic activity, ADME, pharmacology and physico-chemical characteristics, and then provide expert recommendations, supporting key innovation input for the next lead/target. Our medicinal chemists have decades of experience supporting discovery research for major pharmaceuticals companies. In fact, many have seen their innovation become FDA approved drugs.

DDA’s strategy is to understand the key aspects of each client’s discovery program and to match each specific need with the discovery CRO that will add the key innovation, based on their scientific background, to ensure every program is a complete success.

Drug Discovery Alliances was recently HUB Zone Certified.