Deborah Minor, Ph.D., CEO

Deborah Minor, Ph.D., CEO

Deborah Minor, Ph.D., founded Drug Discovery Alliances, Inc. in 2001 and has assembled a first-class network of experts to offer the full continuum of services needed to support leading life science firms and biotech start-ups to support their drug discovery, development and commercialization projects. In addition to deep experience as a senior chemist, Deborah has overseen hundreds of projects across the life sciences and biotech spectrum, bringing broad technical, business and management experience in pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, and commercial operations.

After earning a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Deborah has worked as an organic chemist for Rhone Poulenc, Accelyrs and MDL, marketing molecular modeling technologies and databases including Beilstein and Crossfire to the pharmaceutical industry.


DDA’s team of 10 consultants has a unique combination of expertise, industry insight and empathy, buttressed by DDA’s tremendous network of resources. Chosen for their expertise and matched to project needs, team members act as trusted guides, helping clients navigate the treacherous and challenging journey from discovery to commercialization while expertly sidestepping the many pitfalls and dead ends that can derail projects.

The team is comprised of a global portfolio of world-class CROs, CMOs, consultants and other partners who focus on reducing risk, solving problems and seeing projects through to successful completion.