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Corporate Overview

Drug Discovery Alliances’ management has carefully identified and selected a portfolio of world class contract research and manufacturing companies to be formally and contractually represented by Drug Discovery Alliances.

Our Process

Understand the client’s goals and technical requirements for each project under CDA.

Tailor a solution that can involve one or more suppliers that provide the best solution to accomplish the goals and requirements for each and every project for the client.


Established in 2001, Drug Discovery Alliances, Inc., is a minority-owned, US-based pharmaceutical research and development consultation firm specializing in chemistry and formulation services. DDA works to bring together scientific expertise and support during all phases of the R & D continuum for both emerging start-up biotechs and long-standing pharmaceutical companies worldwide. With over 20 years of experience in the drug discovery market, Drug Discovery Alliances has brokered over 200 biotech programs and generated over $500 million in transactions between its pharmaceutical clients and DDA’s own global supplier base.

With an extensive network of global partners, Drug Discover Alliances provides a wide variety of R & D services, including API Manufacturing, Formulation-Final Drug Product Manufacturing, Medicinal Chemistry, Pre-Clinical and Development Services, and Raw Material & Advanced Intermediate Manufacturing. All contract chemistry services are vetted for capabilities, compliance, and quality.

DDA also offers consulting services, primarily in assisting established biotechs and emerging pharmaceutical companies with the selection of API suppliers and managing supply chains. In addition, DDA is experienced in audit consultations, helping clients with GMP and raw material manufacturing facility audits. The company is also highly experienced in clinical trial site audits.

About Deborah Minor, Ph. D.

Deborah Minor, Ph.D. has close to two decades of business development experience marketing contract services, drug licensing and new technologies to the pharmaceutical industry. She founded Drug Discovery Alliances, Inc. in 2001 with the primary business focus of setting up alliances in the pharmaceutical industry between contractors and pharmaceutical companies to help facilitate drug research and development. Over the past two decades, her company has generated close to 100 million dollars in revenues for the contractors it represents. Deborah obtained a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and has worked as an organic chemist for Rhone Poulenc. After graduate school she moved on to work for Accelyrs and subsequently MDL marketing molecular modeling technologies and databases including Beilstein, Crossfire to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Deborah Minor, Ph.D.

Phone: (919) 602-2167


  • Process Research
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Handling of DEA controlled substances
  • Impurity and Metabolite Characterization
  • Sourcing of Reference Standards
  • Route Scouting
  • Free Screening, SFC separations under cGMP
  • Stability studies
  • Patent and Intellectual property challenges
  • Phase 1 to Commercial API Manufacturing
  • Sourcing of raw materials, API’s and intermediates, globally
  • In-Vitro ADME toxicology
  • Pre-formulation work, salt and polymorph screens
  • Final Dose Manufacturing including solid dose and IV, pre-IND to commercial